Healthy Halloween

October 14, 2015


Healthy Halloween


The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them seems to come ample sweets and treats around every corner. The temptations usually start with Halloween, and then before you know it it's Thanksgiving... and then Christmas! This week I've gathered up some Halloween tips for maintaining your health and weight during this candy-filled holiday.




1. Avoid Buying Candy Early. If it's not laying around, you won't be tempted to eat it. Wait until a day or two before Halloween to buy candy.


2. Purchase Healthy or Non-Food Treats. If you're throwing a Halloween party, prepare some fun, healthy snacks, like the pumpkin fruit cups, banana ghosts or clementine pumpkins pictured! For trick-or-treaters, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pretzels, sugar-free gum, temporary tattoos, bubbles and small games are great options.


3. Eat a Healthy Meal Before Trick-or-Treating. This way you won't overindulge on treats out of hunger.


4. Be Calories Conscious. The amount of calories you are eating matters when you're trying to maintain or lose weight. Have a few treats to celebrate, but eat them in moderation! Also, it's important to be a good role model for kids by eating candy in moderation.


5. Pair Extra Candy With a Healthy Snack. Have kids pick out a few pieces of candy to keep, but allow them to have just one or two pieces per day, along with some fruit or nuts.


6. Share Leftovers. Give extra candy to your kids' teachers for use throughout the year or take it to work to share with your co-workers.




Most importantly, remember that holidays like Halloween are the reason why we should eat healthy most of the time. Having a few treats on Halloween will not cancel out the hard work you have put in all year eating a balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis. Have a safe and happy Halloween!



Kayla Michel MS, RD/LD

Duncan Regional Hospital






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