Put Your Best Fork Forward



March is National Nutrition Month and this year's the theme is "Put Your Best Fork Forward." This theme serves as a reminder that the foods we eat come from CHOICES that we all make individually. Therefore, we have the responsibility to make informed choices about foods and take good care of our bodies from the inside out.




Maybe you could incorporate more veggies into your meals each day. Maybe you drink a lot of sugary calories and not enough water. Or maybe you have become a little too "health conscious" when it comes to eating and don't ever simply enjoy food anymore. What is it that YOU could do to improve not only your nutrition but your health overall? Below are a few ideas that involve not only your fork but your physical activity and mental health as well.




  • Cut back on added sugars and replace high-refined sugar foods with high-fiber foods. Just doing this can decrease inflammation, cut back on calorie intake, improve skin and gut health and give you more long-lasting energy.


  • Get enough sleep. Good sleep habits help balance out hormones, which in turn, decrease cravings and improve weight control.


  • Center meals around fruits and veggies. This is an easy way to get in plenty of fresh produce (vitamins, minerals, fiber) in your day.


  • Don't forget about exercise. Exercising on a regular basis is just as important as nutrition when it comes to overall health. If you have a sedentary job, this is even more important.


  • Remember it's not all about a perfect diet. Take care of yourself in the ways only you know how. Make time to do the things you love and make some room in your diet to eat the things you love to eat.





Kayla Michel MS, RD/LD

Duncan Regional Hospital







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