The Farmers Market



Summer is such a great time to get delicious fresh produce. You may be able to get some year round from your grocery store but they never taste as good as they do during the summer, especially if you get them at your local farmers market.


Farmers market produce not only tastes better, but can also contain more of the nutritious vitamins and minerals that a particular fruit or vegetable is known for. This occurs because the item is not picked until it is ready, until it has just the perfect color or firmness, until it is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. It is never picked early or frozen because it doesn’t have to be transported long distances. It may be picked from the source moments before you pick it from the booth.


It is also great to know where your food comes from! When you shop at a large grocery store, the produce may come from all over the country or even further. The majority of times it has been treated with gasses or wax to protect it during the transit process. Or it may have been treated with chemicals to initiate ripening. But food from your own community is grown right under your nose, clean and fresh.




The Farmers Market doesn’t limit itself to fruits and vegetables though; you can also find grass fed beef and eggs. These animals have been raised without hormones or antibiotics. They have grazed on grass and eaten natural diets. They have not been cramped in unnatural living conditions of feedlots and cages that are typical of animal agriculture.


Other reasons to shop at your local farmers market include supporting your local economy and farmers to strengthen your community, farmers markets are easily accessible, SNAP and WIC benefits may be accepted, and producers often have recommendations for preparing their products.  Shopping at your local market is also a great way to help protect the environment.


Duncan has a great farmers market and now is the perfect time to take advantage of it. It is every Sunday from 12pm-4pm in the ThinkAbility parking lot at 2103 West Beech. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are available along with eggs, grass fed beef, jelly, honey, salsa, and plants.  Come support your local economy and do something good for your body!


Why Buying Local is Best… Digital Image. Striving for Health.


Buyt Fresh Buy Local. Digital Image. Main Street Siloam Springs.


Duncan Farmers Market. Digital Image. Duncan Regional Hospital Facebook.







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